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Hillcrest Farm raises beef cattle, crops, and timber on owned and leased acreage around the small town of Hillsboro, W.V. Through the years we have marketed our products in West Virginia, the mid atlantic and southeastern US, and internationally. Read more about our individual enterprises below. 
Purebred Cattle 

Purebred Charolais Cattle have always been a mainstay of our operation. Currently we have a spring calving and fall calving cattle herd.

We use AI and ET in our herd to create the best possible matings. All animals are performance evaluated and only the best are kept as breeding animals. Our goal is to create easy keeping animals that will work in all segments of the industry.

No matter what your goal is as a producer, we are

committed to provide you with an animal that will increase your bottom line!


For more information on upcoming sales please check out our sales page. 

Commercial Cattle 

In addition to our purebred cattle herd we also have a commercial cattle herd. This herd consists of mainly Charolais and Char crossed genetics. Utilizing heterosis through mating these animals to other breed sires we are able to create a consistent and quality beef product to feed Americans and the world. 


Hillcrest Farm grows crops for livestock feed and for consumers. While most of our grains are sold directly to wholesale vendors we do sell hay and straw off the farm. If you are interested in purchasing these products contact us for availability and current pricing.

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